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Our Services

Investment Planning

  • Review of Portfolio
  • Asset Allocation
  • Time Horizon
  • Withdrawal Strategies
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Stock Concentration
  • Review of Investments held outside of SFG

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Goal Setting
  • Social Security and Medicare
  • Business Planning
  • IRA Contributions and Conversions
  • Employer-Sponsored Plans & 401(k)s
  • Annuities and Pensions
  • RMD’s and Withdrawal Strategies
  • Self-Employed Retirement Plans

Cash Flow and Budgeting

  • Income Sources
  • Expenses and Budgeting
  • Debt Management
  • One-Time Expenses
  • Planned Large Expenses
  • Emergency Funding
  • Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Mortgage Review

Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

  • Trusts
  • Irrevocable Life Ins. Trusts
  • Estate Tax Strategies
  • Guardians for Minor Children
  • Charitable Giving and Trusts

Income Tax Planning

  • Review of Cost-Basis
  • Review Realized Gains
  • Carry Forward Loses
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Deductions and Credits
  • Potential Roth Conversion
  • Health Savings Account
  • Flexible Spending Account

Risk Management & Insurance

  • Review of Existing Policies
  • Life Insurance Needs
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Liability Coverage

Assistance to Loved Ones

  • Gifting
  • Caring for Elderly
  • Education Planning
  • 529 College Savings Plans
  • Roth IRA’s for Children

Scheeler Financial Group, LPL Financial, and Private Advisor Group do not provide tax or legal advice or services. Please consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your specific situation.

LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.

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