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The Impact of a Life: "What’s Your Legacy?"

June 24, 2021

Many people think of “their legacy” as what happens after they die. I prefer to think of legacy as the summation of all the good you do in your life, and that you don't necessarily need to be remembered to have an amazing legacy. Think of all the wonderful things that we have in our life that came about because of sacrifices people made decades or even centuries ago. Even though we might not know their names, we still benefit from the good they did. Perhaps, the best legacies are the ones done without a memory? "Let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing." [Matt 6:3]

In my view, we have an obligation to figure out what the good God calls us to do and then do the best we can. "To whom much is given, much is expected." [Luke 12:48]

I’d like to share a process that I have found helpful in developing your idea of legacy:

1) What is your story?
Where did you come from? What have you overcome?

2) Your story leads to values.
What is important to you? What do you want to see more of in the world? What do you want to see less of in the world?

3) Your values will lead to actions and organizations.
What can you do to implement your values? Are there organizations that are aligned with your values? If not, should we create our own?

4) How do you organize your financial plan to not only meet your income and provide for your children, but then to support your values and build your legacy?

As for my story, I lost my father at a young age to suicide, joined the Army, had a conversion experience and found Jesus to be the foundation of my life through the traditional Catholic Faith. This has supported me through the trials and happiness of raising six children including one with Downs syndrome, starting and running a business, staying married for 23 years and dealing with the loss of my eldest daughter in 2018.

This has led me to realize my core values of Faith and Family. I have always tried to raise our children to love the truth, to have a strong sense of timeless morality, and a deep care for their neighbors. I try to support organizations and people that bring the good news to others.

About a year ago I finished my Masters of Science in Financial Services with an emphasis in Legacy Planning. I did this because I think it gets to the heart of financial planning. In my practice, I hope to help people discover their legacy, and then build a life and plan that implements that legacy. If you would like to dive deeper together, let’s connect – I’d be happy to discuss your legacy with you.